I’ve never enjoyed flying, but traveling the world is a passion of mine too great to give up, so flying is an obvious necessity. I’ve actually had positive experiences flying for the most part as well… until recently coming back from Cape Town, South Africa. 


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Posted below verbatim is correspondence that was forwarded to Flights From Hell. Here is a letter I wrote to British Airways complaining about their boorish flight crews! Dear Sir, As a frequent BA flyer (Gold Card # ______), I have finally gotten to the point of writing a letter to say how sick to death […]


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Airplane Restaurant

March 22, 2009

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How many times have you wished that you could board a plane without security hassles, or without the worries of missing your flight or the plane having to land on the Hudson River? And how many times have you desired a decent meal on a flight? In Taipei, Taiwan you can have all of the […]

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