Airplane Restaurant

March 22, 2009

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How many times have you wished that you could board a plane without security hassles, or without the worries of missing your flight or the plane having to land on the Hudson River? And how many times have you desired a decent meal on a flight? In Taipei, Taiwan you can have all of the above on an Airbus A380, the largest passenger airliner in the world. Oh – did I mention that it doesn’t actually fly you anywhere because it’s a restaurant designed to look like an Airbus? Hey, you can’t have everything!

To add to the authenticity, servers are dressed as flight attendants, baggage compartments are included, and some of the food is served in plastic trays. Hopefully the restrooms are larger than those on a typical airplane, which are half the size or less of lavatories on the A380s.

Below are links for pictures of the A380 Restaurant (also see the video a little further down):

Inside the A380 restaurant
Taipei Restaurant: A 380 In-flight kitchen

Want to see pictures of an A380 that flies? Check out these pics: Airbus A380 Breakfast in bed.

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