In 1988, while working for American Airlines, I had the misfortune of running into a possible relative of the now notorious “Mr. Poopy Pants.” It was a hot, sunny day in July, as the Boeing 727 from Dallas had just arrived. It was late, as usual, and this was a turnaround flight. Once the passengers […]


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So it is important to point out what kind of person my friend and I am. We hate people sitting between us on a flight. We will actually fake a cough to try to get people to not sit between us. Well this was a SW flight and we thought it may be empty since […]


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I was taking a commuter flight from LAX to San Diego several years ago and was tired from a long cross country flight…I just wanted to get home peacefully. We boarded like normal, took our seats and I settled in for a quick trip back to God’s Country. We began to taxi to the runway […]


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Flying from Milan to Atlanta on a Delta flight, I was lucky enough to snag a bulkhead seat, right in front of the entry/exit door on a 767 widebody. Across the aisle from me sat a young couple with their infant child in a bulkhead-mounted bassinet. The child was about a month old if I […]


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I live between Denver and Orlando and had until the airline crisis always taken red eye flights into and out of Orlando. When most of the airlines cut the red eye flights, I had no choice but to fly with the ranks of the screaming kids. I have traveled a lot but not a single […]


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I saw the Mr Poopypants reference on CNN.com and I have had that experience more than once! Recently on a flight from San Francisco to Denver it was apparent that someone had done this right in my vicinity and clearly did nothing about it. I looked around and there were some toddlers. WHO are these […]


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I’m so happy to find this wonderful website, Flights From Hell, stories and commentary by people who matter the least to the airline industry, the passengers. I fly to Asia on a regular basis and am still mourning the loss of Thai airways direct flight to Bangkok from New York’s JFK. It’s amazing to note […]

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Mr. Poopy Pants

December 4, 2007

in Odor Stories

January — flight from Fort Lauderdale to Minneapolis/St Paul. SO what’s the absolute worst thing that can happen on a plane? Well, it happened to me. Actually, the second worst thing happened to me. THE absolute worst thing happened to the lady who was sitting behind me, next to the antagonist. Guy in the 2nd […]


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A few years ago I was flying from JFK to Las Vegas, non stop, on an evening flight. Flying time is about 5 1/2 hours. About an hour out, a woman in the rear of the plane starts screaming, really screaming. Her husband (big guy, probably under 40) is having an attack of some kind. […]


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In the high-flying, heady days of the Internet, I was working at a firm in Boston, MA and was attending a conference in San Jose, CA. I was flying back to Boston on a flight with one stop in Denver. The flight to Denver was uneventful, but there we picked up a large group of […]


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