A few years ago I was on a business trip to the Orient visiting Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei and Seoul. This story tells of the frightening experience I had during my visit to Seoul, Korea and the problems encountered one week later when I was due to leave for Hong Kong. I was arriving in […]


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When I tell my tale of woe about trying to get home to USA from Madrid, Spain Nov 15th this fall, friends say “write a complaint letter to US Air.” And I think, “Why should I expect an exec at a dysfunctional airline to care about customer satisfaction?” If they cared, my day of hell […]


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White Knuckled Flight

December 12, 2007

in Weather Stories

I was “lucky” enough to be on a NWA flight from Mpls, MN, that took off for Sioux Falls, SD, in spite of the fact that the flight had been delayed due to storms and despite the fact that there were some 57 tornados in and around Sioux Falls that night! As we were coming […]


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Holy Bovine!

November 16, 2007

in Luggage Stories

Air India: Holy Cow! (Pun intended.) I just flew them from Newark to Paris. 1. On arrival, my luggage was delayed by TWO HOURS. 2. On departure, the flight from Paris was delayed by FIVE HOURS, leaving me to miss my connection to SFO. 3. At Newark, I had to spend TWO HOURS waiting on […]


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This is my “worst-ever, round trip flight from Pittsburgh, PA to Seattle, WA” story. The departing flight to Seattle was a non-stop flight, which I prefer. As I was already seated on the plane, awaiting everyone else to board, a man in the seat next to me kept jumping up and sorting through his enormous […]


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