Brats Run Amok on BA Flight

February 22, 2020

in Baby & Kid Stories

British Airways (BA) is not famed for its good service, but this time they outdid themselves.

The plane was full of mainland Chinese kids (I am a Hong Konger), and the brats had no respect for quiet. When I went to the toilet, the brats did not seem to see the occupied sign and kept banging and kicking the door. I saw one furious Hong Kong passenger losing her temper and shouting at the kids when she was finished. Furthermore, since BA went to “cheapskate” mode, they fired all Chinese speaking staff, so not a single flight hostess could get them to shut up and stop yelling at each other.

The mainland Chinese passenger next to me was OK compared to the rest, but his foot took up a lot of the little leg space that BA provides. When I reclined my seat, the brat behind began a big fuss and kept kicking my seat and yelling in Chinese about my “selfishness.” Excuse me! But it is SELFISH OF YOU to kick my seat just because I reclined my seat.

Not keen to fly BA in the future.

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Josh September 5, 2020 at 11:14 pm

This is clearly a case of a hong konger discriminating against mainlanders.


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