Little Monsters Create Mayhem

March 23, 2014

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Last year my friend and I were traveling back from Egypt to JFK on EgyptAir, when we noticed two children – a girl and boy both under 10 years 0ld – with their parents in the terminal. The kids were being kids playing with each other when we overhear the mother remark in dramatic tones how stressful it is to fly. We paid this no heed and boarded the plane to find our seats which were in the second to last row, middle and aisle seats.

The family we saw in the terminal arrives and promptly settles behind us and then it starts. The girl started demanding loudly why the movie wasn’t playing, while the boy is demanding treats and jumping on the seat. They stopped the poor flight attendants to demand that they fix the screen; keep in mind boarding is still on going. All the while both parents are ignoring their little darlings.

The mother disappeared after takeoff. Then the “Daddys” started. Throughout most of the flight one or both were yelling “Daddy” repetitively. “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” in a constant drone.

When food was served they screamed about wanting more cake and then they both started seat kicking. Evil glaring at the father induced a mumbled don’t do that followed by him ignoring his kids. The last 2 hours were the worst with the boy reaching over the seat and grabbing and then yanking the hair of the girl beside me and the sister screaming her head off continuously.

They then started fighting in the aisle hitting each other and other passengers. The last tantrum was over not getting chocolate cake for the last service; the girl threw her snack everywhere and started bawling like a child half her age. I have never desired turbulence so bad in my life, just so those two would strap in and be quiet.

EgyptAir isn’t exactly great service but I still felt bad for them having to clean up after the two spoiled brats. I think they avoided our part of the plane after the complaints started from everyone.

After the flight we bolted off the plane to get away from that horrible family. Those kids may be little monsters but their parents raised them that way. Neither parent attempted actual parenting once in 11 hours. If I ever am so unlucky to see them again I will switch seats or get off the plane.

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Derek March 26, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Man, when I flew as a kid my parents wouldn’t tolerate any of that BS. It was sit down, shut up, and you get one bathroom trip for every two hours. Pretty much from take off to landing my nose was buried into Pokemon Yellow, on a game boy.


Lyuba June 20, 2014 at 8:46 am

I can not agree you you more Derek, I flew from Sydney to Brisbane with my 5yo and my niece also aged 5 and even the fa were commenting how well my children were so well behaved, there were two children in a row ahead of us that we’re causing mayhem and the parents( sitting behind them didn’t care!!) I wanted to shake them!! It’s really up to the parents not the children in the end and sadly the parents in this case didn’t bother to consider the other people on the flight…… Shame on them!! If my child would of caused a ruckus I would have DISIPLINED my child, I don’t see how hard it is for other parents to do that??


mike hunt June 29, 2014 at 1:05 pm

parents shoulda busted their damn asses!!


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