Economy Flier Flubs Up in Business Class

February 27, 2013

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As a veteran traveler for both business and pleasure, I am self-employed (and very thrifty). Premium Economy is about the most I would shell out for a flight.

However, as my cousin works for British Airways, on the way back from JKF to LHR I was treated to the lofty heights of Business Class!

As I wanted to come across as “I fly Club World all the time,” I tried very hard to not be completely wowed by all the things I have only dreamed of. Real cutlery… a lie flat bed… actually friendly cabin crew… Heaven!

After being able to actually sleep comfortably on a plane for the first time (6’2″ and all legs), I was looking forward to tucking into breakfast as we headed towards the UK.

I put the footrest up but forgot to lock it in place. The stewardess set my smoothie on the tray table in front of me. Just as I was about to reach it, the footrest I forgot to lock suddenly dropped, perfectly hitting the corner of the table. In slow motion my smoothie was catapulted into the air where it spun several times, and evenly emptied the contents onto my fellow passengers (most still sleeping) including the poor stewardess!

The look of horror on their faces when they woke believing they had been sprayed in the face by projectile vomit was momentarily priceless, before the “blatantly an upgrade passenger” looks and tuts started!

The banana-coated stewardess apologised and pretended it was a faulty footrest and re-seated me – allowing me to keep some shred of my Business Class respectability. 😉

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Jean Bright March 25, 2013 at 12:05 pm

Its nice to read a story by someone who doesn't try to find some way to blame someone else….:-)


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