Flight Attendant Wins A Test Of Wills

September 6, 2010

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Flying from ATL to DTW early one morning, the flight wasn’t full so there was plenty of overhead space for carry-on bags for a change! I’m on the aisle and see this woman struggling to get down the aisle with what appeared to be MORE than her share of bags. Her suitcase wasn’t even making it down the aisle so there was no way it was going to go into the overhead compartment!

Of course, she is sitting in my row so I get up and allow her plenty of room to get to her seat and actually stayed standing because she apparently thought that she could just strap her huge piece of luggage in the empty seat next to us which I knew wasn’t allowed.

After a few minutes of her trying to get situated, the woman across the aisle says, “You know that’s not going to work, why don’t you just check your bag like everyone else?” I ignored the ensuing exchange and opted to let the flight crew handle this situation.

Instead of asking for assistance from one of the FAs, this woman says, “Uh, excuse me. You can take my bag for me, thanks!” Everyone within hearing distance had to duck for fear of being embroiled in the exchange that we knew was about to take place.

FA: “Ma’am, it is not my job to lift and stow your bags for you. I’m sure this gentlemen would be happy to let you up so that you could take your own bag to the front of the aircraft. If you ask NICELY, perhaps they would allow you to stow it in the cupboard if there is room. If not, then you’ll have to check it. It is obviously too big for the overhead bin or the seat in front of you.”

When the woman returned, obviously put out by having to take care of her own luggage, she decided to “get even” and constantly ask for water for her CAT which was in one of the other bags that was stowed under the seat in front of her! The FA continued with her professional stance and didn’t let this woman get the best of her. Upon finding out that this (stupid) woman had a cat with her, the FA checked the records and found that that she had not paid extra for a pet to be on board (teaching her a lesson perhaps?)!

Bottom line, the woman was told to either pay the gate agent for transporting the cat or get kicked off. The woman finally paid the $$, but our flight was 60 minutes late leaving.

Good for the FA! She won that test of wills and never lost her composure!

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Maggie May 13, 2015 at 4:59 pm

Passengers with bags too big for carryon shouldn't even make it past the gate with them.


iloveflying September 6, 2015 at 12:47 am

I know! I'm thinking she packed everything in it it after she came through security or something


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