Two Vomit Stories For Your Reading Pleasure

February 22, 2010

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I don’t travel much. Life sometimes changes things and air travel is by far the quickest way. I flew to Orlando for the weekend from Michigan. The trip down was nice and pleasant. The return, however, was another story. The plane was packed; no empty seats. I’m at the window with a newly married couple on my left. Either the husband was sick or hungover, I don’t know. The flight from Orlando to Pittsburgh was just short of 2 hours. The husband on my left spent the whole time vomiting bag after bag right next to me. He never bothered to offer so much in any way an apology. Why they let this couple on the plane is a mystery to me to this day.

Jim from Michigan

Two years ago, on a flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Fortaleza, Brazil, a man who looked a bit inebriated when he boarded decided to take a nap. On the floor. At one point he tried to sleep in the aisle, then, after I notified the fight attendant and she told him to move, he moved to the floor in front of a row of seats. Far worse, he put 2 of 4 toilets in the economy section of the plane out of commission through a combination of errant urination and vomiting. I didn’t see him after we disembarked. I hope he didn’t try to drive home.

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