A Very Uncomfortable Flight

February 16, 2010

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I just got back from a trip to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, and I have to be honest when I say that the plane flight that I endured from our lay-over in Frankfurt, Germany to Boston was the worst plane flight I have ever encountered. Lets start by saying that I am 6’5″ and I obviously cannot fit, nor sleep in a seat where my knees are already knocking my front teeth out. The guy in front of me is “that guy” who keeps his seat reclined from start to finish during the flight, plus the guy behind me is also my size, and because his knees are hitting the back of my seat, I couldn’t recline my seat at all.

Halfway through our roughly 8-hour flight, the family in front of us has a child who suddenly gets up and starts to gag in my direction. Luckily, his puke hit the seat in front of me, but it started to drip down between the seats and covered my shoes and pant legs. While this is all happening, the giant behind me decided to fall asleep with his head resting on my headrest, so that once I had finally scraped the puke off my shoes with the blanket from the guy sitting next to me (luckily he didn’t notice I was using his blanket), the guy behind me was fast asleep and I couldn’t even lean my head back against my head rest. Eventually, I found a way that I could wedge my head in between the seat, and be semi-comfortable. I just started to nod off, when I felt something wet on the back of my neck. The guy behind me had started to drool down the front of my seat, onto my shirt and down the back of my neck! I was so ripped at this point I shook my chair, and yanked it back as far as it could recline, waking the man behind me up and ticking him off.

To top off the trip, the AC in the plane was broken, and we just happened to have the only aircraft left on this earth that doesn’t have individual air vents, so for the last 4 hours of my trip I sat sweating to death in an 85 degree cabin, smelling like throw up and drool, ticked off at the world.

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Jim February 17, 2010 at 11:41 am

"that guy" Love it! We all know "that guy"…..the one with the little pecker that takes pleasure in plopping his seat back as far as possible and leaving it there…just because he can, to prove his manhood. Why the airlines allow the seats to recline at all is beyond me….those 3 inches of space means very little to the person reclining….but, to someone over 6' tall sitting behind them….those 3" can make a big difference.

And, the bodily fluids being leaked on you? This is truly a flight from hell….sorry dude.


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