Pissed Off Passenger Pees

October 3, 2009

in Passenger Stories

My fiancee and I were flying from Las Vegas to visit my brother in Chicago in July of ’08. Las Vegas, of course, has its own reputation and visitors can certainly get a bit out of hand. But I’d not seen anything like this before.

We were seated near the rear of the aircraft so the lavatories were only 5 or 6 rows behind us. A young man, who appeared in his mid 20s, was sitting across the aisle from us with a woman who appeared to be his mother. At one point in the flight he went up to the first class cabin to use the rest room. The attendant up there told him that he would have to use the lavatories at the rear of the aircraft. He left and then returned when the flight attendant wasn’t around and proceeded to urinate all over the first class kitchen and in full view of several first class passengers.

The flight attendant confronted the man after he had returned to his seat and was understandably furious, yet remarkably self controlled. He was saying, “In my 20 years of flying, I have never seen anything like this. Not only did we have to close the kitchen but you have ruined the meal of the flight crew as well.”

I’ll give credit to the professionalism of the flight attendant because I’d have clocked that passenger right where he sat. Instead, the police were called and when we landed the man was taken off the flight in front of everyone else. I guess that’s one way to get priority treatment.

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Elodie October 4, 2009 at 7:32 am

Ow, eeeeeeeew. I'm so glad the guy was carried away by the police. Kudos to the flight attendant for handling the situation so gracefully. I just can't believe the jerk seriously peed in the kitchen just because he wasn't allowed to pee in the first class bathrooms. Ugh. How immature.


Amanita October 4, 2009 at 11:22 am

Ugh is right, what the hell was wrong with that guy? Drunk? Stoned? Freaking immature?

That flight attendant was amazing- kudos for an incredibly well delivered yet very well deserved tell-off. Too bad they didn't broadcast it over the PA system- something to the effect of WHY meal and food service for the flight was now cancelled. Let the other passengers know who to blame, so when the cops come and take him away, everyone will be cheering. Humiliation has its uses.


saw October 8, 2009 at 5:11 pm

You have to wonder sometimes… What a jerk. Beats my "remember the guy who urinated all over the subway car and its occupants" story…


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