Maggots on Planes

April 2, 2012

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Airlines aren’t known for the quality of their food, but a woman on a Qantas flight wasn’t expecting her snack to be a complete gross-out. While flying from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia Victoria Cleven discovered an unexpected ingredient in the package of trail mix that she purchased on the plane. While eating the food in the darkened plane, she felt something unusual over her mouth, and thought the food had an odd taste. After turning on the light she made the horrifying discovery that the package was infested with maggots.  The airline offered to refund her about a quarter of the cost of the flight.

This news clip includes a video of the maggot-filled trail mix package that Ms. Cleven took with her cell phone:

This isn’t the first time that maggots on planes have made the news. In 2010 maggots falling from an overhead bin during a US Airways flight from Atlanta to Charlotte, North Carolina created a panic among some of the passengers. A flight attendant found that the source of the infestation was spoiled meat that someone brought on board. The plane returned to the gate where passengers disembarked and waited for the plane to be cleaned.

The clip below is video footage taken by passenger Donna Adamo on her cell phone camera. During her narration she describes the experience as being “like a creepy horror movie,” seeing one of the maggots look back at her, and flicking one off of her lap that seemed like it was 10 inches long.

James April 6, 2012 at 9:48 am

I think all the other stories can be erased — this is just vile.

DRC April 17, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Simple – call a good aggressive lawyer and let them loose on the airline. 200% unacceptable. The airline is low-balling you in the hope u go away. Good luck.

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