I never upgrade. This isn’t because I’m cheap, but because I’m broke. My fiancée and I are in the middle of immigration hell and immigration hell costs, so while others may be able to choose that option, I can’t. That said, I sometimes wish I could… This has resulted in hellish flights, but this time […]


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The Gift

September 12, 2010

in Delay/Cancellation Stories

Airplane travel, at one time adventurous, has now, more often than not, become an adventure. Fifty years ago, well dressed passengers in propeller driven planes flew close enough to the ground to enjoy a panoramic view “of purple mountains’ majesty above the fruited plains.” The earth below was close enough that, through the airplane’s window, […]


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Twin Troubles

February 16, 2010

in Baby & Kid Stories

My husband and I were on a direct flight between Amsterdam and Los Angeles – the plane was packed. For the first time (and hopefully the last) we actually saw passengers sitting in the jump seats. The cat at their feet began crying and we thought “This is going to be a long flight.” Turns […]


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So, this was my first time flying alone internationally to India without anyone. I was excited to have that experience without my parents, especially since they ask tooo many questions such as the gate, the flight time, etc. My experience started at Detroit with a very rude spokesperson for Northwest. I had no idea that […]


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My girlfriend and I were recently on vacation in the Middle East. We had finally reached the end of our rigorous travel. Our first flight was from Aswan to Cairo at 11 pm, which was no big deal. We got our bags and had to push them in carts to the international terminal; mind you […]


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