I had travelled to beautiful Fort Huachuca, Arizona, to attend a military conference. Unfortunately. I was forced to spend the three days of the conference in the local hospital enduring treatment for kidney stones. Following surgery to remove said stones, I was released (with a final dose of Demerol and other pain meds) and subsequently […]


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In the high-flying, heady days of the Internet, I was working at a firm in Boston, MA and was attending a conference in San Jose, CA. I was flying back to Boston on a flight with one stop in Denver. The flight to Denver was uneventful, but there we picked up a large group of […]


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I was flying from St. Louis to Denver on a humid summer day. The aircraft was hot and stuffy as we pushed back from the gate and taxied toward the runway. As we waited our turn to take off, the elderly lady in the seat in front of me began to complain loudly about the […]


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