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This happened on a Delta flight between Tokyo and JFK about a year ago. When the drink service came around I asked for a decaf coffee, which is on the list of available drinks. The FA gave me a look and said, in a voice indicating that she didn’t want to do it, “I’ll have […]


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In 2004, I was living in Pittsburgh, PA and attempting to come home to Joplin, MO for Christmas. It was the first time I had ever flown alone. My mother booked me a Delta flight from Pitt to Kansas City connecting in Cincinnati on December 23rd. I was dropped off at the Pittsburgh airport by […]


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The Last Straw

November 17, 2010

in Airport Stories

I believe I had the honor of witnessing THE LAST STRAW for Southwest Airlines’ ORIGINAL queuing process. Background: for those that never flew SWA, or maybe just fly Gulfstreams, SWA was unique in that they did open seating; line up and enter.  The problem was that lines would be silly long interfering with the hallways, […]


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The Refill

November 16, 2010

in Food & Drink Stories

I was young at the time; I won’t give a date (as I finally hit the age where I choose to ignore those details). I boarded a Delta flight (757) to Dallas in my first EVER First-class upgrade. It was then that I realized my co-worker Manny was on the flight–a few rows behind me.  […]


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The Great Explosion

November 12, 2010

in Passenger Stories

Those of us who traveled in the early to mid-1990s remember the ranch being given away on the frequent flyer programs.  One could actually MAKE points by flying first class on Delta – the upgrade cost was paid back greater with bonus points for BEING THERE.  Costs of a free flight were also less, relatively […]


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The Gift

September 12, 2010

in Delay/Cancellation Stories

Airplane travel, at one time adventurous, has now, more often than not, become an adventure. Fifty years ago, well dressed passengers in propeller driven planes flew close enough to the ground to enjoy a panoramic view “of purple mountains’ majesty above the fruited plains.” The earth below was close enough that, through the airplane’s window, […]


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OK, this just happened over the last 3 days so I’ll write it while it’s fresh in my mind. I was flying back home after spending 7 days in Europe for business. I make it to the airport (way early as usual as I get nervous if I cut it too short) and sit in boredom […]


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Several years ago I was flying Delta Airlines on a short hop from North Carolina to Florida. It was a large plane and I was seated on the aisle in the front 1/3 of the plane. It was a normal boarding and taxi, but things got interesting on take-off. As the plane lifted off the […]


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We were returning from a wonderful vacation in Greece in early May. We left the states two weeks after the volcano starting erupting. I had checked Delta’s website every day since the volcano started erupting and there was only 1 day when either of our flights outbound or returning were delayed by the volcano. That […]


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I was on a Delta/Northwest flight from Las Vegas to Minneapolis. I was amazed how many people (1) boarded before their rows were called so they could shove their things in the overhead compartment (2) had more than 2 items (a suitcase, a backpack, a briefcase and a plastic bag, I’m afraid, is more than 2 […]


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On a flight from Grand Rapid, MI to Atlanta we all boarded the small Comair plane and were immediately asked to get off because there were “mechanical problems.” We all went back into the gate lounge and waited for the problem to be resolved. Two hours later, we were allowed to re-board. I was sitting […]


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About 6 months ago my wife decided it would be a good idea to use some of her frequent flier mileage to fly on Delta from Spokane to her parents’ place in Houston. When she booked the trip in May with Delta, the itinerary looked normal, Spokane to Salt Lake City, then on to Houston. […]

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