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On August 7th, 2015, I traveled with Turkish Airlines on Flight TK 1764 from Helsinki to Istanbul for my onward journey to Lahore on Flight TK 0714. I had a stopover of 22 hours at Istanbul. How I got this long layover, I could not exactly figure out. I initially intended to take another flight and […]

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Fight back. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


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Despite being a cold January the 3rd afternoon, the children’s excitement of escaping the cold of Buffalo Niagara in favour of Orlando and Walt Disney World had a buzz in both of the limousines that it took to bring our party of 10 to the airport from the hotel. Thankfully the curbside check-in was open, […]


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Random Search

April 5, 2013

in Airport Stories

Last May, I traveled to Saint Louis to visit my daughter. I’m a very nervous flier and had not traveled by plane in almost 10 years. One reason I dread flying is that I am always selected for a random search. So, to avoid problems, I paid to check my bag and only took my […]


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I checked my bag for a flight to Canada that I missed due to being delayed by TSA. I was rebooked for another flight later in the day, and boarded this flight. The cabin crew was very unfriendly and was insistent that they check my carry on bag (which was a delicate sewing machine and embroidery attachments). I did […]


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While not as hellish as some of the other stories here, I did have a miserable flight. Flew from Dulles to Logan one weekend a few years ago for the high school reunion. Normally, the flight is a tad bit over an hour, so I foolishly assumed that a 2:30pm flight with no checked in […]


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This might not have been a flight from hell for the passengers, but it sure was for the service reps who had the misfortune of being on the service desk this inconvenient morning. I do a weekly cattle haul to Toronto out of Newark Airport and have been doing it for some time with a […]


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I lived for 6 months in Kazakhstan last year. Not the one from the movie Borat, but in the original country. In spring 2009, I flew from Astana to Almaty on board Air Astana. Air Astana is the international operating and biggest airline of the country. A 30-year-old woman was sitting on my left in […]


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Theft On A Plane

February 10, 2010

in Passenger Stories

I was on a flight from Florida to Tennessee, returning home from a vacation. A lady a few seats back got settled in, then got up to do something, came back, and her cell phone (which she’d left on her seat) was missing. A stewardess noticed her searching all around on the floor for it, […]


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[Mature content] Not too long ago I was traveling home off-duty from my job as a flight attendant from Atlanta, Georgia to Cleveland, Ohio after visiting with my fiance. This was the last flight of the night and being that I was exhausted after a busy trip; I was just looking to relax and sleep […]


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There is a certain nationally known advocate for the deaf who frequently travels the country giving lectures on behalf of deaf awareness and bridging the gap between hearing people and the deaf community. On a recent trip she was sitting in her seat writing emails on her Blackberry waiting for departure. The flight attendants gave […]


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I took my three children from Idaho to Virginia with a change of planes in New Jersey. The first leg of the trip was fine. In New Jersey, there were flight delays due to rain. There wasn’t enough room for everyone to sit down and it was very crowded. One man seemed to think it […]


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