cargo hold

I’m a phobic flyer, no good reason that I know of to be afraid, I just am. Anyway, my job involved flying from the UK to Germany every three weeks. I managed it by either Gin or Valium (not at the same time). One flight I have decided that gin will be my co-pilot and […]


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Dog Busts Loose

December 3, 2007

in Animal Stories

Twelve years ago, I was on a Varig Airlines flight from Manaus (Amazon) to Rio de Janeiro. I had been living for one year in the Amazon, working as manager of a jungle lodge, and had brought my cocker spaniel with me from Rio. So, to move back to Rio, I bought a very expensive, […]


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Last year was my first time in the United States (I moved to Florida after I graduated from college), and for Christmas, I decided to go home to the Bahamas to spend the holidays with my mother. Since it is only me and my pet cat living in Florida, I thought it would be cool […]


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