Passenger Stories

I was on a flight from Hong Kong to New York in first-class. It’s a 14-hour flight and about 7 hours in, a man began getting up, walking to an area specifically for the flight crew and walking back. Soon, I noticed they were telling this man to take his seat and NO, he could […]


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I was once on a flight from the Caribbean. After a long delay we were permitted to get onto the plane. It was totally crowded and it took quite a while to get everyone into their seats and prepare to leave. It was very hot outside and inside the plane was no better. The smells […]


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I flew from Orlando to Miami one time back when a now-defunct airline had an hourly shuttle between the two cities on what they called the Sky Bridge, and what I called the worlds oldest 727’s. My friend who was supposed to pick me up was late, so I watched as the passengers for the […]


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On my most recent flight from Chicago to Tokyo, a 12+ hour flight, seated three rows behind me were a small group of guys. Evidently, they were frat boys on a drinking vacation to the bars in Tokyo and were eagerly talking about their plans. It wasn’t bad enough that they could be heard above […]


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Well let me preface this with the fact I am a vegetarian. I know well ahead of time that most airlines have a problem accommodating us, so I always get something to eat before boarding. On a flight from SFO to Denver, I sat next to a young woman who was also a vegetarian. She […]


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Motor Mouths

October 20, 2007

in Passenger Stories

This happened a few years ago. My wife and I flew out to Los Angeles to visit her daughter. On the return flight home, which was the red eye to Chicago, there were three young women sitting behind us. As everyone was trying to get settled, and at least trying to get some sleep, these […]


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I was 15 and flying alone from London to Orlando, and had to change planes in Miami. It was late evening and most of the plane was filled with families from Puerto Rico heading to Disney World. We didn’t leave on time and were told the ground crew was working to get a cargo door […]


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My son was about 16 and we arrived several hours early to ensure that we were at least fairly certain of getting into the “A” or “B” group on an airline that won’t be named. We were proud of our hours of standing in line and the resulting fine boarding cards. We stood in line […]


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