Dissed by a D-Bag

July 29, 2014

in Passenger Stories

I was lucky to have the aisle seat for my trip from New York to England, but too bad it didn’t do me much justice when this complete douche bag, who appeared to be a bit older than me, sat next to me. Obviously at first he didn’t seem bad. He got to his middle seat like a normal human being (if I’m even able to qualify him as that as of now), and he was pretty attractive. Unfortunately, some attractive people are dumb as I’ve sadly come to learn.

I was excited that a cute guy sat next to me (I’m a girl, in case you might not have guessed), because I thought things would go awesome throughout the entire flight. NOPE. NOPE. NOPPITY NOPE. At first, we started talking and being friendly since we were seatmates. We were flirting a bit, and by then we were in the air and he asked for my name and where I’m from since my accent was completely different from his English one. I told him my name and that I’m originally from Greenland. Unfortunately that’s when things fell apart.

First he looked at me strangely, and then told me that my name was really weird and I should change it to a more “normal” one. Um, excuse me? I happen to like my name and I felt pretty offended by just that. I would have been fine with “interesting” or “unique” or something, but noooo that’d require away too much effort!

He then went on asking why I lived in a place like Greenland. He said it seemed to be a really cold and boring place and asked if we actually do anything fun except for fishing and killing animals for a living. Although I wanted to punch the dude so badly, I tried to explain to him that although you have people there who do that, you’d find people in other places who do the exact thing. In more remote places that’s what you’d have to do if you wanted to survive. I also told him that in small villages where I lived, you’d just have fun by utilizing the nature that is around you. We’d also play football and watch television and other things as well.

Seemed that the dude was stuck in his own ignorant little world as he kept on asking me some of the most presumptuous questions ever. He was basically insulting me and all Greenlanders and I really thought I was going to lose my cool. Just writing this makes me ANGRY UGH!

What’s worse was that this was a 7 – 8 hour flight with no layover, and for most of the time I had to listen to this d**khead ramble on about things he didn’t know, whether it was about Greenland or something else when I tried to switch the subject. The only time he really shut up was when he scarfed down food in that trap of his during mealtime in coach class for the plebeians, as well as when he used the bathroom. Who knows, his brain probably fell out of his ass when he took a sh*t. I swear to god I’ve never felt so insulted.

I wanted to get off the plane so flipping badly. What’s worse is that he asked for my number while we were filing out. I just gave him that feminist phone intervention number.

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James July 30, 2014 at 8:34 am

Many years ago (1991) I was on an international flight and was sitting next to a young woman who was going to Los Angeles to become a model. (That's what she said in a brief conversation.) She had the window, I had the aisle of a DC-10.

I kept my yap shut — afraid if I opened it, I'd have made even more of a fool of myself.


Cheran July 30, 2014 at 5:39 pm

One word: Earbuds.


davidm July 31, 2014 at 2:28 pm



Robert J Zeigler July 31, 2014 at 2:54 pm

How about growing a couple and telling him to f**k off.


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