Bogus Boarding Call

January 8, 2013

in Airport Stories

My husband and I were flying from Toronto to Las Vegas with Air Canada. As usual we arrived at the airport 2 1/2 hours early, checked in, got through security, and still had 2 hours to wait. We did some duty free shopping, picked up some snacks for the flight, and settled in for a light dinner giving us 1 1/2 hours before getting to our gate.

About 30 minutes into our dinner Air Canada announced “last boarding call” for our flight. What? It doesn’t leave for an hour! Again they announced last boarding, but this time they also announced that they would be closing the gate!

My husband threw money on the table (we didn’t get to eat), grabbed our carry-on, and literally ran through the airport to our gate. There was an elderly lady struggling with her bag as she was also “running” to the plane. We grabbed her bag as well to help out, but I thought she was going to have a stroke!

As we were nearing the gate we were shocked to see people still lounging around waiting to get on the plane! We asked the staff at the desk what was going on, explained that we just left our dinner and ran to get on the plane, and were told that they like to get everyone to the gate so they are more organized. What??

So it wasn’t last boarding call nor were they closing the gate, they just wanted everyone there ONE hour before takeoff. And that poor elderly lady just about lost it!!

Bad call on Air Canada.

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