Confused Senior Citizen Sleeps on Floor

June 7, 2012

in Senior Stories

Just rude, and then just weird…

I was recently on a flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver with Cathay Pacific. I had paid $100.00 CAD for the privilege of sitting in an exit seat for the 13 hour flight. I am not sure why, but this particular flight was jam-packed with elderly people. Being in the exit seat near the bathroom I was prepared for the lines that would happen close to my seat, a small sacrifice for the extra leg room.

The TVs in these seats extend from the arm rest and sit out in mid-air more or less. One older woman in particular had to hit the washroom every 30 minutes for 13 hours straight, and every single time she had to wait for the washroom she thought it would be fine to use my TV as something for her to hold on to and lean on, completely blocking the TV with her hand. Okay you’re old, whatever, I will deal with it.

Now for the just weird part. About halfway through the flight an older guy decides that the exit row floor space (my $100.00 leg room) is now his own personal bed. He walks up from the back of the plane with his blanket and pillow and just lies down in the row (hitting my row partner’s and my legs in the process). The woman beside me gave me the “WTH is this?” look, so I press the attendant button and ask them to get this guy to move back to his seat because he is not only taking my legroom, but it is a safety hazard to have this 6 foot tall guy lying down in an exit row. Those poor attendants…

The first FA came and was very nice to him and told him he had to go back to his seat. The guy argues, so now another FA comes, then the guys’ wife comes, and then another FA comes! So now I have 3 FAs, old guy and his wife, plus the bathroom line hovering around me. This process went on for a solid 25 minutes, this guy was NOT moving. After a bunch of arguing they let him sit in the FA jump seat that faced us in the exit row. Annoying yes, but better than him lying down.

Now I have no idea what the heck that guy did to the jump seat, but when we landed the FAs that sat there made a very good effort to cover that seat with not only a plastic garbage bag , but also a few blankets. Both of them looked horrified. I never noticed anything on the seat (wet or otherwise). I will never know why, but it still makes me wonder what he did to that seat every time I get on a plane.

– CC

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Jodi June 8, 2012 at 1:31 pm

I'm thinking it is best you don't know what he did to the seat! LOL


belle June 8, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Lucky for him this wasn't a U.S. run airline. Had it been he would have been physically restrained and handed over to the authorities upon landing for not following the directions of the FAs.


mel June 12, 2012 at 10:11 am

I think he took a dump there LOL.


duuuuuurrrr July 25, 2013 at 11:43 pm

just think, that could have happened at your feet


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