Plane Switch Leads to Loss of Eau de Toilette

February 6, 2012

in Airport Stories

This took place in January of 2011. I was supposed to return to Montreal from Atlanta through Toronto with Air Canada. I get to the airport on time, and am told that I have to take another flight to Toronto, since Air Canada switched the plane to a smaller one and there is no room. I see 5 other people with me in the same situation. The only thing is, the new flight leaves an hour later, which means my connection is much tighter and I have to go through customs in Toronto. I also had to check in my bag since I was carrying very dangerous stuff… an Eau de Toilette. So like the good sheep that I am, I lug my stuff to Continental, wait in line for my turn and check in.

In Toronto, I run like hell to go through customs and go to the Air Canada counter to check my bag into the second leg of my flight which is still with Air Canada. I get to the check-in counter 30 minutes before the flight, and the representative makes sure to let me know that she is doing me a favor if I do not check in my bag by letting me get in on the flight that I was supposed to be on. This means I lose pretty much everything liquid in my bags when I go through security including my Eau de Toilette, and still have to run to the gate to be the last person to get on the plane.

When I get home, I start writing a letter furiously explaining the situation and demanding some sort of compensation. All I get is… if you purchase your next flight from our website, we will get you %10 off.

Needless to say, I go to lengths now to avoid travelling with Air Canada. But it’s not fair to single them out… all the other airlines are just as bad.

–  KS

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