October 2010

By the end of September I went on a school trip to North Korea by flying the national airline Air Koryo. I would like to share my unique experience of flying with them. If you are expecting this to be a true flight from hell, it’s not. I’d go as far as saying Air Koryo is better […]


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Here’s a different kind of kid story… On August 2, 2008 I had to fly from Houston to Milwaukee for work. While boarding the plane, there was a family with two small children and a newborn baby. Like most travelers, I hoped the children were going to be well-behaved on the five hour flight. The […]


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Earlier this year I made two business trips to Europe to taste wine. The first trip, to Tuscany in Italy, was idyllic as it always is. Yes, the ash from the volcano in Iceland hit the skies while I was there and I had to spend another week in Florence before I could get back, […]


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Fetid Flight

October 25, 2010

in Odor Stories

Once upon a time on a flight from Germany to New York, around 50 people from India decided to visit their relatives. It would have been a nice flight, but I’m sorry to say that the spices they use in their food is not good for the atmosphere. Besides that, a couple had their little […]


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This isn’t so much one specific flight from hell, but more of EVERY flight that I’m on ever since airlines found a way to gouge even more money out of fliers by charging for checked baggage. I’m a frequent flier and also have one of those airline-partnered credit cards, so I don’t pay for checked bags […]


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Not necessarily a Flight From Hell, but it was a little frustrating, and one you just have to shake your head at. I was on American Airlines Flight 5 from DFW to HNL on Septmber 2nd, 2010. In the boarding area there were several children playing and laughing, and immediately my first thought was please let these children be […]


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I probably made someone’s white knuckle flight — just a little bit worse. For business, I flew from Phoenix to Denver, then hopped on an 18-seater propeller airplane to get from Denver to Dodge City, KS. If you’ve never flown on a propeller airplane, there’s something you have to realize. “Air Turbulence” is caused by […]


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This May while seated in the aircraft waiting to take off from McCarran airport in Las Vegas to Honolulu, I noticed one of the mechanics kept coming in and out of the cockpit. After a while we took off. About 2 hours somewhere over the Pacific, the flight attendants were serving drinks and I heard one […]


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I thought my trip to Dominican Republic from Detroit on American Airlines was bad due to delays that ended up getting us there 10 hours later than scheduled. However, that proved to be good since it took me 3 days and hundreds of dollars more to get home. We start with the return leg from […]

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This happened back in the 1970’s. We were living in the Panama Canal Zone, and every two years the government would fly us home to the States, back to the city we had moved from. At some point they started using charter flights to Miami since they were flying so many people back to the […]


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Summer: 2007. I’m flying back from a vacation to Russia to see my extended family. We manage to pick our way through a three hour journey to Sheremetevo, and start the 1.5 hour check-in process. As this was before I got my Nintendo DS, flights were long and boring, complemented only by SkyMall magazines and books […]


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The year is 1981. My first ship has just been decommissioned and my wife, 2 kids (ages 2 and 1) and I are flying from Portland, Oregon to Hartford, Connecticut to spend some leave time with our families before reporting to a new ship in Newport, R.I. Our flight is scheduled to depart Portland at […]


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