July 2010

A long long time ago in a country far away… I was a graduate student in the UK, flying home for summer break, 1983. It was only my second international flight. My parents booked me a seat on a charter flight from Gatwick to Kennedy. I arrived on time at Gatwick, and got myself checked […]


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This is a story from 2007:  When I finished school my mother gave me a short city trip to Paris. I packed my baggage with a lot of fashionable clothes since Paris is a real fashion metropolis. As the plane started its approach to land the pilot started a speech which went approximately like this: “Dear passengers, […]


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Urine Soaked Seat

July 28, 2010

in Seat Stories

A few years ago – on a flight from Dallas, Texas to Portland, Oregon the overweight and asleep gentleman next to me urinated on his and, ultimately, on my seat. I promptly stood up – to avoid sitting on a urine-soaked seat, and asked the nearest flight attendant for permission to move to another seat […]


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I was 13 when I met a passenger who took care of me and treated me like a son. Before I tell my story, I must explain the background situation. I was on a flight from Beijing to San Francisco when engine #1 was on fire. Apparently a passenger discovered this and notified the captain. […]


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I was taking a quick flight back from Orlando, FL to Lubbock, TX with a brief stop in Austin to let passengers get off and more get on. While waiting to board in Orlando, I saw a small family (Dad, two year old son, and Very Pregnant Mom) sitting in front of me. Dad had […]


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Several years ago I was flying Delta Airlines on a short hop from North Carolina to Florida. It was a large plane and I was seated on the aisle in the front 1/3 of the plane. It was a normal boarding and taxi, but things got interesting on take-off. As the plane lifted off the […]


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I was recently returning to Jacksonville, Florida from Kansas City, Missouri after an extended weekend where I was a co-hostess for my sister’s baby shower. Needless to say, I was exhausted. The first leg of my flight was from KC to Ft. Lauderdale. Flying Southwest and lucky enough to have an A boarding pass, I […]

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This complaint covers all categories – airlines, airports, and personnel. The incident happened at Phoenix. If you have a choice, do not go there. Especially, do not change flights there in the middle of a summer day! We arrived from Seattle on Alaska Air. We were supposed to catch an American Airlines flight onward to […]


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I used to fly weekly for my job, but now I only fly a few times a year for family visits and vacation, thank goodness! Several years ago I was flying from south Florida to Newark, NJ going home after visiting a friend. I had noticed a family with 2 small children in the boarding area […]


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I was flying from Albuquerque to Phoenix. On Southwest Air, I got my “A” boarding pass and took my window seat. Some guy took the aisle seat and the flight filled up. At this point, there were only about 3 empty seats on the plane — all middle seats. As you can imagine, some guy […]


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As station manager at LCA (LCLK), I had always advised my staff to seat passengers with infants exactly behind the Business class for comfort. Last year, on a night flight back to LCA in “C” class, I had a woman with a child and infant seating behind me in Coach. The infant (poor kid) was […]


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About 4 years ago my wife and I were returning from visiting family in Los Angeles. This was the experience that convinced me to avoid US Air and the Philadelphia airport at all costs. The flight from LAX to Philly was not a problem. We had an 8:30ish connecting commuter flight to our little hometown. […]


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