Seat Kicking Kids

June 20, 2010

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My family and I were headed for a one week stay in Hawaii. As we boarded the plane to San Francisco, our layover, I noticed a large amount of children. Typically I fly for business and don’t share a plane with many children. As we came to our seats, I noticed that in the row directly behind us were 6 children between 5 and 10. I also noticed their parents were in the row behind their kids.

As we took off it started… chatter and then the seat kicking began.

I was relieved as we landed in San Francisco. We then proceeded to our gate for Hawaii. There waiting for us were our seat kickers. Sure enough, they were on our flight as well. As we boarded, I once again had the same 6 children behind us for our 5 hour flight. I did say something to their parents, but they obviously didn’t fly much either.

We had a great week in Hawaii. As we checked in to fly back to Seattle, I noticed many of the same passengers that flew with us from San Francisco, and yep the 6 brats and their parents. But as fate would have it, as we boarded to fly home I noticed that the 6 brats were in front of us this time. Revenge!

It was a late flight, and as we arrived in San Francisco there were very few eateries open. My son bought a pre-made bagel with roast beef, cheese and onions. We had little time between flights, so we took our food with us. As we boarded once again we were seated behind the brat pack. More Revenge.

As we gained altitude, my son unwrapped his bagel. Wow, the onion smell soon began to fill our section of the cabin. This time the parents, who were 2 rows in front of us, started to complain. I too told my son that the onion odor was too much, but upon hearing their complaint, it smelled just fine.

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david June 20, 2010 at 3:25 pm

aghhhhh what childish acts that you took part in…… shoulda been the bigger person and not "retaliate" by allowing your child to eat a onion bagal knowing it was going to smell up the cabin……which your not smart enough since it effects you too

you should have turned around and asked the kids to stop kicking your chair and if they dont stop then tell the parents and if they dont do anything get the FA and they will sort it out


Luna August 10, 2015 at 4:41 pm

Bagel. you misspelled it


Waldi June 21, 2010 at 1:13 am

Why is it that a lot of posters here write about their ordeals but never have the guts to say somethings to the offender at the time? I too agree with David, it was childish to play revenge. Be man enough and tell those parents in a very stern way to stop their children rude behavior.


Laura June 21, 2010 at 1:17 am

I'd kill for an onion bagel right now.


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