Stinky Like A Bad Public Toilet In France

April 4, 2010

in Odor Stories

I was travelling from Atlanta to Newark, then on to Toronto with my then 2 year old. He has always been an excellent traveller by any standards. Plays nicely by himself, looks out the window, no screaming, etc. even back then. But you always get them, lots of dirty looks though from the business class.

About 2 minutes into the flight, seriously, this awful gut wrenching smell emanates from all the vents. Turns out, the cat in a carrier about 1/2 way back the plane is not such a good flier. Seriously stinky – like a bad public toilet in France, capiche? Many people were barfing into the bags. And of course, that doesn’t help… My son spent the entire time crying at the smell and trying to breath through his mouth. Nightmare!!

– Mom Who Tries Her Best.

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