Where Is My Bag?

February 7, 2010

in Luggage Stories

I wanted to have this experience of flying alone internationally without my parents or anyone tagging along with me… I was excited to visit India and Taj Mahal… I couldn’t wait.

So, I finally arrived at the New Delhi airport with my heavy book bag on my weak shoulders, a rolling handbag, and a huge purse with my passport and other travel documents that my mom had told me to keep with me all the time no matter what, otherwise I’d be screwed if I lost it… I get to the baggage claim finally after filling out all the forms with the immigration… only to find out it was a very, very small carousel and only one was working… and having an international flight with at least 170 or more people… the crew was taking and putting all the bags off the carousel and putting them in the middle in this huge pile… well I could understand why they were doing it, but did they realize how hard it was to get into the pile of bags, especially when all the bags were either blue, red, or black, and trying to find your own bag after 20 hours of flight and carrying all that other stuff that I had to carry with me…

It took me an hour to find my bags, and this idea of putting them into this huge pile just made me insane. I’m thinking they needed to come up with a better way to resolve this… thank God that my connecting flight was leaving five hours later, and did I tell you that they have two airports, one international and one national, so you have to take all your bags and get on a bus for 30 minutes and go to another airport and go through a security check point again…

I decided it is good to have somebody flying with you after all no matter how annoying they could be… at least they can help you pick up or look for your bags…

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