A Music Guy And A Spitter

October 25, 2009

in Passenger Stories

I was flying on an airline that routinely travels from Los Angeles to Mexico and back. I have flown them several times as I was dating a girl who lived between Mexico and Los Angeles. I never really liked the airline that much as they were not usually known for being that accommodating, and often the seats looked liked they needed replacing and often movie screens would not work (makes you wonder what else on the plane needs repairing), but they were the cheapest – you get what you pay for.

So, on one particular flight back into LA I was seated next to a guy who looked to be in his late twenties to early thirties. Once we reached a cruising altitude he pulled out his video player and began watching music videos WITHOUT ANY HEADPHONES. He was just playing the music out loud. I looked around and there were a few looks but no one seemed to really care. I asked him to please use headphones and he just looked at me as if ‘I’ am missing that gene that makes one know how to behave in society. So I called over the flight attendant and told them, and rather than ask the guy to plug in or put it away, they offered to move me.

Fine, I moved. Well, they put me next to someone who made Music Video guy look like a great traveling companion. This guy barely fit in his seat without forcing you to cave your arms in to avoid constant contact and he proceeded to spit his ‘chew’ ONTO THE FLOOR!!!! I kid you not. He was chewing tobacco and he would spit it on the floor.

Wow!!! So, I got up and moved myself to an empty seat at the very rear of the plane with no one beside me except a very loud engine. I was fine with that for the rest of the trip. I have never flied that airline again. Amazing the things people think are acceptable in public, and the people whose job should be to do something about those things but simply don’t care.

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