The Return Of The Tomato Juice

May 1, 2009

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On a recent flight from El Paso to Denver on board a 50 seat RJ I found a reason to give up flying.

I was in row one on the aisle; a woman sat directly behind me in row two. After we departed and leveled off the in-flight “service” began consisting of our choice of beverages. The FA started at row one and I had my usual tomato juice. Well, my choice must have sounded good because the woman in row two behind me ordered the same thing, no big deal right?

The flight to Denver is about an hour and 15 minutes and once we began our descent we encountered a little rough air, nothing big, in fact one would pay for this at Disney Land. As a pilot I can tell you it was not bad, really.

Well, the woman behind me began to frantically search for the barf bag in her seat, this was verified by the repeated jabs to my back. The FA was seated and after only 1-2 minutes of the woman’s search out it came. Out of her belly warm tomato juice came out with such force I thought I was in a volcano.

The small seat back of the RJ did not do its job of deflecting the molten juice once contained in the poor woman. I was splattered with the lava containing not only the juice, but also the few remains of whatever she had for breakfast as well.

The FA did her very best to clean up the “red river” with the remaining flight time, but the smell and my now ruined shirt will haunt me for a long time.

As soon as I reached my destination, I stopped at the nearest convenience store and bought a lottery ticket. I didn’t win.

Signed, Lost Dog

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a questioner June 9, 2014 at 12:18 pm

what was the point of the lottery ticket?


~~~ November 28, 2014 at 10:45 am




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