Weirdness & Wackiness In 2007

April 17, 2008

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2007 was a zany year for travel – read this article about the weirdest travel stories and this article about the strangest travel stories. The 2007 airline news story with the most “legs” was the one about Kyla Ebbert, the Hooters waitress who got kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight for wearing skimpy attire. It didn’t help her cause when Kyla appeared on the TODAY show and exposed her panties to the world, and ended up posing nude for Playboy in a spread called “Legs in the Air.”

Well, the new year is starting out weird already – much of it revolving about Tampa International Airport (TIA). A 71 year-old woman was arrested at TIA for carrying a bludgeon used to “smack people’s hands when they got fresh.” Then a passenger was arrested at the airport for carrying
a box cutter in a hollowed-out book
. The latest story involves two Tampa area women who claimed that they were treated rudely on a Southwest Airlines flight out of TIA because they were young and pretty. However, Southwest stated that the teens were being verbally abusive.

Here’s another story from 2007 that deals with a plane that was apparently diverted over mile-high nookie:

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