Lost Luggage And Lousy Service

October 16, 2007

in Luggage Stories

Lets start off 4 hours delayed at take-off……..

My sister and I were on a flight from Puerto Rico to NYC. We usually pack very lightly so as to avoid the long baggage lines. Upon boarding the plane, it became very obvious that most people had decided to just push all their oversized baggage into the tiny bins…..can you see where this leaves us?…..yes, no more overhead space for us. Instead, our flight attendant offered to have our bags stored below; we were instructed to pick them up by the exit door of the plane after landing.

To our surprise, they were not there on arrival….nor were they at baggage claim. We proceeded to go to the lost-and-found where the airlines denied any responsibility because the flight attendant had not given us a ticket for the baggage. No bags and no reimbursement. My sister asked to have the flight attendant contacted for confirmation….they refused to do so stating that they did not know who she was!! There were ONLY 2 on the flight! After a heated debate, we were asked to take it up with the main office in the morning…..I have yet to see my clothes.

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