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Contentious Couple

August 14, 2010

in Couples Stories

I was on a flight from JFK New York to Poland. While standing in line to go through security, a Russian guy in front of me didn’t listen to the security lady next to the checkpoint. She told him twice to put his laptop in a separate container, and I guess he didn’t listen. So […]


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Middle Seat Hell

November 11, 2009

in Odds & Ends Stories

At the time I worked for a marketing firm. I was just starting out and so I got to do the jobs that no one else wanted. This time I was flying around the west coast, stopping in each and every airport interviewing travelers about new travel products. If spending all day in nothing but […]


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How should passengers behave and appear in order to be considered perfect? Based on annoyances described in stories received, we’ve come up with a list of airline passenger don’ts in order to avoid offending everybody in the world: The Perfect Passenger… Doesn’t talk too much Doesn’t expel unpleasant gasses Doesn’t pick or scratch his nose, […]

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Me and my family were going to Hawaii for Spring Break of 2006. It took about 12 hours to get there. Since it took so long we had to spend the night on the plane. So as I was trying to fall asleep, I couldn’t because of a woman behind me and my family who, […]


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