I flew First Class on a Lufthansa 747 from FRA to LAX back in 2016. I was seated in 2A while he was in 1D. He boards and he’s chatting with some other first class passenger and they settle in. Everything is going normal.


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After a few relaxing days at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay’s sandy beaches, we headed back south to Ho Chi Minh City to catch our home bound night flight via Bangkok. We decided to try to upgrade to business class. At HMC ground staff was of no use and we were told to contact the […]


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This happened on a flight from MUC to IAD last year on Lufthansa. Before boarding the plane, my wife and I hoped to use up some of our spare expiring miles to buy some duty-free booze. We asked a young lady who worked there and spoke good English if they took miles and she said […]

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I was on a flight from Toronto to Budapest a few years ago, with a stop in Frankfurt. This was on Lufthansa during a strike, so a lot of people were pretty crabby as there was no meal service (they did, however, give out large bags of chips to everyone, and still had beverage service, […]


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Prison Food

December 29, 2010

in Food & Drink Stories

For a short while in 2002-2004 (can’t remember exactly when) Lufthansa started cutting costs on food. As a regular traveller at the time I was used to the free sandwich and free drinks offered on the Manchester-Frankfurt route. OK, it wasn’t the greatest food in the world, but to a hungry traveller it was pleasant, […]


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My parents are a little bizarre in that they don’t fly together. No matter what. Period. Full stop. So you can imagine the nightmare that sometimes ensues when they travel internationally to visit me, between layovers, different cities, and delays. They cut their own holiday short and I’m left to ferry back and forth from […]


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Reno, Nevada. United Airlines. 1989. This airport is in the middle of the city and the flight path is surrounded by hotels. There is a severe windstorm but the pilot decides to land anyway. I have a window seat and am watching in disbelief as the runway veers from left to right as the pilot […]


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In January 2008, I was flying in Coach on Lufthansa from JFK to FRA. As the flight was expected to be shorter than usual, I decided to try to get as much sleep as possible, so immediately after takeoff I reclined my seat and began to doze off. However, as a Greek woman immediately behind […]


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I flew to the States from Europe with one traditional bag having the 99 cent lock and the other a very expensive hard cased bag I have had for more than 10 years with a combination encased as part of the bag itself. On picking up my bags I found that my traditional bag had […]


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After completing a wonderful, action filled, 15 day adventure to Croatia & Montenegro, my Mother and I flew from Zagreb to Frankfurt, Germany with a 3 hour layover, and then flew Lufthansa flight #444 from Frankfurt to Atlanta, GA. Our Vantage Tour guide, Tomislav, had taken very good care of us and after living in […]


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The Foot

August 20, 2008

in Passenger Stories

I was on a flight from Frankfurt to Houston on Lufthansa; I was 13 and this was 2002 I believe. Anyways there was this other girl my age sitting next to me and her mother behind her along with her grandmother sitting straight behind me. The grandmother decided to stretch, putting her foot on my […]


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Some years ago my husband and I signed up for an all-inclusive ski trip to Austria sponsored by a ski club in our area. I don’t think it was a ski club – more like a drinking club from a local bar that decided Austria would be a good place to party. The flight over […]


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