This past Sunday provided an up close and personal assessment of the airline industry, an industry that has seen considerable changes culminating with many major airlines going through bankruptcy. My wife Terri and I boarded Northwest Indianapolis bound flight leaving Bradley International Airport Hartford, Connecticut. It should be noted that Northwest Airlines is suffering through […]


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Back in the 80’s I flew frequently between Las Vegas & San Fran (via Oakland Airport). One of my last flights home to Vegas was memorable. We started down the Oakland Airport runway, our airplane (2-engine) was gathering speed, we launched into the air, and just as the wheel gear pulled up a large shudder […]


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Cock Gets Clocked

October 3, 2007

in Animal Stories

Twenty years ago I took a flight home from the Dominican Republic that was totally full and there was a lot of commotion as people were getting situated. After everyone was sitting and we were preparing to take off, I heard what I thought was a chicken cluck. After a minute or so it got […]


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