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American Airlines LGA to West Palm Beach March 27, 2008 Flight #1229 8:25AM Last week I had the misfortune to be on your flight from JFK to WPB. I was seated in seat 23B right behind two men (row 22 seat A & B) that also boarded in NY. They were part of a group […]


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I travel weekly for work and also several times a year (domestic and international), and will never travel AA again if I have a choice – I would rather take multiple connections than AA straight thorough, and as far as international flights – NO WAY! To date, I have yet to get my miles for […]


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I received automated telephone notification from American Airlines that my noon flight from NY to LA would be delayed an hour. When I got to the gate the equipment wasn’t there and departure time came and went. A half-hour later the flight was cancelled. We then had to go to the ticket counter, get our […]


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Baggage Bungle

November 16, 2007

in Luggage Stories

When my wife and I flew to Italy, the first two legs were on American Airlines. The first flight was supposed to be a non-stop from San Francisco to JFK. It circled Ohio for a while and then had to land at Newark to refuel for the 15 minute flight to JFK. We were told […]

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August 17, 2007: American Airlines 525, Boeing 757 nonstop from Miami to Chicago O’Hare, sunny skies all the way, no delays taking off from Miami. No hassle, you’d think? Alas, no. Two hours into the flight, the pilot announces there is bad weather in Chicago and we must land in Indianapolis. In fact, he says […]


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