air italia

Last year we went to Rome for a week for my 30th birthday and brought our then 2-year-old. The flight there was no problem other than our stroller getting lost (but it was a cheap umbrella stroller so I wasn’t too put out). I’d actually flown with him several times before that and had learned […]


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I was flying Air Italia (my last time!) Boston to New Delhi via Milan. On the first leg that was packed to capacity, an elderly Italian woman continuously pushed my seat back upright while consequently I pushed it back down. This went on for hours until I turned around and told her to stop and […]


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On an Air Italia flight in 1994 from Toronto to Rome, I was seated at the bulkhead row separating first class from coach – right behind the bathrooms. An absolutely beautiful woman walked into the bathroom shortly after take off. When she emerged, it was the worst smell ever. It was so bad that sleeping […]


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