About 3 years ago, I flew on a major US airline from Chicago-O’Hare to Sacramento by myself at the age of 13. I was going to see relatives and stay with them for a week. After checking in at ORD (and passing security with a 12 oz bottle of liquid- it was after the “liquid […]


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My girlfriend and I recently had a flight from San Francisco, CA to Tampa, FL with a layover in Miami via American Airlines. The problems started in San Francisco, when our flight was supposed to leave at 11:45pm. Due to the airport not scheduling the correct information for the flights, they double booked the gate […]


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In August of 2001, my mom, younger sister & I flew from our home in D.C. to Phoenix, Arizona for my older sister’s wedding. At the time it was cheaper to use BWI than National and we didn’t live within sight of Dulles until a few years later. Because we had booked a flight earlier […]


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Neanderthal Man

November 10, 2007

in Weird People Stories

The story I am about to relate took place in July 2005. My wife and I had booked a direct flight from Cleveland to Gatwick – a service that runs from April to October each year. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time to make our flight. I made the mistake of asking […]


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