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Back in early 2005 I was flying JetBlue direct from Long Beach, CA to Boston, MA which is about a 5 or 6 hour flight. I was seated in the window seat which was fine because I planned to snooze for as much of the flight as I could. Everything was fine until about 20 […]


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So it is important to point out what kind of person my friend and I am. We hate people sitting between us on a flight. We will actually fake a cough to try to get people to not sit between us. Well this was a SW flight and we thought it may be empty since […]


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I’m a phobic flyer, no good reason that I know of to be afraid, I just am. Anyway, my job involved flying from the UK to Germany every three weeks. I managed it by either Gin or Valium (not at the same time). One flight I have decided that gin will be my co-pilot and […]


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It was late on a Friday afternoon. A bunch of us were flying from Memphis to Little Rock on a puddle jumper. The flight was delayed so we all decided to get something to eat. In the Memphis airport at the time, about the only food to eat was hot dogs. All of us got […]

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We flew to Hawaii to attend our son’s wedding on American Airlines. Since the flight home was over 7 hours, we decided it would make sense to purchase the sandwiches that used to be free. We were seated in row 40, so when the flight attendant got back to us, she informed us with a […]


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A Great Martini

November 10, 2007

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A good friend flew in from Chicago to NY, business class. His seatmate asked the stewardess for a martini. When she brought it, he thanked her and said that it was one of the best he ever had. A while later, to thank her again, he mentioned that he noticed that her bangs needed cutting, […]


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I was returning from Rome to Arizona in July of 2007. I chose Lufthansa because I had flown them many times before, and they’re one of the most consistently good airlines I’ve flown. I flew a connecting flight from Rome to Frankfurt at 8:30 am. I got to the airport at 5:00 am. The computers […]


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