September 2013

I’ve definitely read worse horror flying stories than mine… and mine had some up moments… but, I’ll share anyway.


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Barbie the Bitch

September 15, 2013

in Seat Stories

I recently caught a flight from Hobart to Melbourne with my husband and our seven-year-old son (henceforth John and Josh, respectively, for brevity’s sake). This flight is generally just over an hour and there’s hardly any worse weather than a stiff breeze to bump us around – however this time, one miserable little cow managed […]


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Here is just a glimpse of the nightmare that we went through which was created by American Eagle Airline. After arriving at Chicago from Miami, we proceeded to our gate to connect to our final destination. While walking to our gate, we noticed that it was raining. It didn’t last long, and actually by the […]


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