January 2013

Flight from Washington DC to Kuwait City = 12 hours. Although there were several issues leading up to this, I feel that this is the WORST part of the story so I decided to just cut to the chase… After arriving at my gate and waiting to board, I informed a female flight attendant that […]


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My husband and I were flying from Toronto to Las Vegas with Air Canada. As usual we arrived at the airport 2 1/2 hours early, checked in, got through security, and still had 2 hours to wait. We did some duty free shopping, picked up some snacks for the flight, and settled in for a […]


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Many years ago my wife and I arrived at Auckland Airport for our long-awaited trip to Hong Kong, flying direct on Air New Zealand. We had planned, skimped and saved for this trip for years, having previously been to Hong Kong many years earlier, and were eagerly anticipating our flight and holiday ahead of us. […]


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