April 2012

In 1990, I flew from JFK to Málaga, Spain. I picked Iberia over TWA because the Iberia flight did not require a change of planes in Madrid, just a stop. Since I do not speak Spanish, I was worried about encountering problems at Madrid airport. However, when I arrived at JFK, I learned that Iberia […]


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Living in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa, my family and I decided to take a small holiday to Kariba Lake in Zimbabwe. Having arrived early at the airport to maximize our margin, we saw that the flight was delayed by an hour. This was already hard to handle as it was midsummer with scorching heat; the terminal […]


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Once again, Delta overbooked the flight. Not only did they overbook, but because the flight left from Accra, Ghana, Delta Airlines felt they could get away with bumping 60-70 people without compensation. The explanation: “Why didn’t you check-in for your flight 6 hours before takeoff like other people did?”


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The first time I went to Mozambique I was en route from Swaziland to Zimbabwe and had a whole day’s layover in Maputo Airport. I was restricted to the un-airconditioned departure lounge for eight hot humid hours; I didn’t even have a book to read. At 4:00pm I wandered through the airport terminal when something […]


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Maggots on Planes

April 2, 2012

in Non-Stories

Airlines aren’t known for the quality of their food, but a woman on a Qantas flight wasn’t expecting her snack to be a complete gross-out. While flying from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia Victoria Cleven discovered an unexpected ingredient in the package of trail mix that she purchased on the plane. While eating the food […]

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