To get from Munich to Bangkok – choosing the cheapest option – you have to make a stop. Ours was in Dubai. Anyone who stops in Dubai Airport and is one of the few people who are still smoking: It is hell! There are two Smoker Rooms – both packed with people every minute of […]


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Qantas Airways (Australia’s market leader) is obviously doing so well in the travel business, it’s decided to move in on the lucrative ‘torture of suspects’ business as well. Qantas’ opening foray into this market would appear to be the use of ‘sleep deprivation tactics’ and I was lucky enough to be one of the airline’s […]


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I was on the way to Georgetown, Guyana. I left New York with a confirmed flight from Port of Spain, Trinidad on a flight originating in London which I would join for the short hop. I had an aisle seat next to a man who I eventually learned was named Panty or Pandy. He had […]


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It was November 2009 and I was visiting my sister in Hawaii for Thanksgiving. I had booked tickets and seats (through Orbitz) for both of us and our kids to visit another island for a couple of days. I was checking all 6 of us in online and discovered that the seats that I had […]


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There are a number of blogs that do a commendable job describing the lifestyles and on-the-job experiences of flight attendants. The vast majority of them are written by women, reflecting the greater preponderance of women in the profession. While male FAs are a decided minority (approximately 26% of FAs in the U.S. are male), at […]

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Wednesday, February 2nd, AA flight 1499 from Dallas, Texas to San Jose, CA. I am 6′ tall, long legs. I always book my flights way in advance to be sure that I can reserve an aisle seat to avoid being cramped. As we are boarding there is a mother, father and small child several people […]


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Psycho Passenger

January 31, 2011

in Passenger Stories

February 5, 2007 a friend and I were returning from western Canada to Ontario. My husband is a pilot so we were on family passes. It was a large plane with two first class sections separated by curtains and 3 rows of seats consisting of 2 seats an aisle, 3 seats an aisle, and 2 […]


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Middle Seat Maneuver

January 28, 2011

in Seat Stories

I was on an international flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco. Luckily, I had the aisle seat. Unfortunately the middle seat was empty. Additionally, I was directly behind one of the service areas so both my bags were in the overhead bin. The flight was fairly full but there were still open seats. About 1 […]


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I never upgrade. This isn’t because I’m cheap, but because I’m broke. My fiancée and I are in the middle of immigration hell and immigration hell costs, so while others may be able to choose that option, I can’t. That said, I sometimes wish I could… This has resulted in hellish flights, but this time […]


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I am generally a very considerate person and I realize that we are all sharing a relatively small space when flying. That being said, I must admit that I have had my fair share of passive aggressive moments. My favorite one was being stuck in front of two preppy, whiny, teenage girls who were about […]


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None of the following vignettes really raise up to a level of “hell,” but they were certainly inconveniences. The first: In 1977 I was invited to a conference in Lynchburg, VA for high school students. My father arranged the flight through his employer (AT&T). When I went to the airport to fly home, Piedmont had […]


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I decided to visit my family in La Verne, California the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. There are several airports in the Los Angeles area, with Ontario International Airport being the closest one. I booked Delta flight 4756 from SLC to ONT the morning of Christmas Eve. Other than sitting next to a […]


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