November 2011

Tormented by Tots

November 30, 2011

in Baby & Kid Stories

It was my parents, my sister and me travelling to the Middle East from Australia (a 14 hour flight). We booked with Etihad Airways. Now my sister was only 8 months old, so we had to sit all the way at the front with ‘the rest of the babies’ so my mum could have a […]


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A Rough Day

November 27, 2011

in Luggage Stories

I live about 2000 miles away from my sister to whom I’m very close. One weekend, I made a quick flying trip home because I’d decided there was no way I was going to miss wedding dress shopping with her. It was a fantastic but very short and busy weekend. The last morning I was […]


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I Have To Pee!

November 25, 2011

in Passenger Stories

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to fly US Airways to DC. Nothing much happened on the outbound from Boston, apart from us getting stuck to the tractor and the slow mechanic, but that was a stupid little thing. The inbound home was much, much worse. We boarded at National, rather uneventfully. I […]


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Scared by Stares

November 22, 2011

in Passenger Stories

I’m always travelling to the Middle East. This time I was flying back home from Lebanon to Australia. Now my sister, parents and I were booked to sit next to each other, but as you may know airlines always make mistakes and that’s fine, so I had to sit one row behind next to an […]


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Mr. Smelly

November 18, 2011

in Odor Stories

This happened May 2011 on a flight from Chicago to Atlanta. I was going to visit my aunt and celebrate her daughter’s (my cousin’s) graduation from high school. My daughter (1 y.o.) and I flew down to Atlanta and had a great flight and a great trip. My daughter is well-behaved on planes and will […]


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Close to the Edge

November 15, 2011

in Airplane Stories

“African aviation has the worst safety record in the world.” Over many years and millions of miles flying across the length and breadth of Africa, I had a true appreciation of that seemingly innocuous phrase. Yeah, well it’s still safer than crossing the road, isn’t it. Is it? Depends. One of the things it depends […]

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