October 2011

I was dreading the flight even before take-off in Bhuj, India, near Pakistan. Not exactly on the map for international fun seekers. I was there as a media consultant for a Jain charity called Veerayatan. Security is tight at the airport and run by the Indian Army, so that means that it is a secure […]


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There is no easy way to fly from Charlotte, NC where I live to Moncton, NB, Canada where my parents live. You have to connect somewhere and I’ve tried almost every conceivable way to do it. You either have a connection that is too tight for comfort or you languish in your connecting airport for […]


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October 1st, 2011, a happy day for many in China – National Day – going away day, not-going-to-work-this-whole-week day! Hence, not many people were really bothered by the extremely inefficiently run check-in line at Aeroflot’s desk at Shanghai Pudong International Airport because we were all going on holiday – or so we thought. Boarding was […]


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