February 2009

While a flight from hell can certainly be traumatic, its impact usually lessens over time (especially after venting by writing about it and submitting the story to our website!). However, some flights unfortunately fall into the Extreme category, and the impact of the experience can be long lasting. What’s depicted in the first 5 minutes […]

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Continental Flight 512 (EWR – POP Newark, NJ to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic) 1/22/09 We arrived in Puerto Plata only to circle the airport for about an hour and a half. No updates were given by the crew. Finally the pilot said we were diverting to Santo Domingo airport because the cloud level was too […]


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Several years ago I was on a business trip from Ontario, CA to DFW. I arrived at the airport with time to spare and waited for my flight. We eventually boarded–a full flight. As we were getting buckled in, I heard the flight attendant talking to a gentleman seated across the aisle and behind me. […]


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