November 2008

This has to do with a train rather than an aircraft, but the problem encountered is a universal one. My mother and I were traveling on the high-speed Inter City train from Glasgow, Scotland, to London. The train makes only one stop en route. We had the misfortune to share a car with a soccer […]


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Dip Spittin’ Dork

November 25, 2008

in Passenger Stories

On my flight from Atlanta to Korea I rediscovered why I minimize my international flights. On my right was a sweet old Korean woman who actually got in an argument on my behalf with the girl in front of me who, without asking, suddenly lowered her seat all the way and literally hit me in […]


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Flying from Geneva to London. I got settled in my seat and in front of me a grey haired gentleman took his seat and also seemed to settle down. I got out my book and started to read. Then it started. I was roused from my reading by an argument between the fellow and the […]


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Incessant Whiner

November 24, 2008

in Baby & Kid Stories

I recently flew from San Diego to Milwaukee, with a connecting flight in Denver. On the first leg of my flight (San Diego to Denver), there was a family seated about 4 rows behind me. They had a 2- or 3-year-old boy who proceeded to whine (and I mean “whine”) very loudly for the entire […]


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In 1993 I was headed from Tucson to the American Library Association conference in New Orleans. I was ticketed on a flight that stopped at DFW where I was to change planes on to New Orleans. About an hour after takeoff from Tucson the captain announced that because of severe weather surrounding DFW the airport […]


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This story was told to me by a friend of mine, a flight attendant for a company I will not name. This airline allows small dogs in the cabin, but they are to be kept in their kennel/traveling bag. The flight attendant noticed some movement under a blanket that a female passenger was holding on […]


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