January 2008

When I took a return flight from San Antonio, Texas back to Los Angeles, California I boarded like livestock on Southwest Airlines. Really no complaints until the rubber tires left the tarmac. I was hoping to enjoy the scenery on the way back but right from the moment of rubber/tarmac separation, this mother and child […]


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Travel Trepidation

January 17, 2008

in Luggage Stories

I generally do my best to avoid having to “Fly the Unfriendly Skies”. Two recent Flights from Hell on United only confirmed that things don’t get much worse. Even if they were giving it away, I would steer clear in the future… The night before my UA flight from San Francisco to San Diego, I […]


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I travel weekly for work and also several times a year (domestic and international), and will never travel AA again if I have a choice – I would rather take multiple connections than AA straight thorough, and as far as international flights – NO WAY! To date, I have yet to get my miles for […]


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