Brat On Board

October 24, 2007

in Baby & Kid Stories

My flight from hell happened on an overnight flight from Paris to Detroit. Before we boarded the plane my husband and I noticed a very loud, very disobedient young girl wreaking havoc in the terminal. I laughed and commented to my husband that with my luck, that child would be on our plane. Well, not […]


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My son was about 16 and we arrived several hours early to ensure that we were at least fairly certain of getting into the “A” or “B” group on an airline that won’t be named. We were proud of our hours of standing in line and the resulting fine boarding cards. We stood in line […]


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I boarded a plane and sat in my seat in second class. Wanting to relax from a very long day, I put my seat in a reclining position. Suddenly the man behind me let out a blood-curdling scream – MY LEGS! MY LEGS! GET OFF MY LEGS! All eyes in the cabin were on me. […]


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I was on a British Airways flight from Miami to London, and my friend was seated behind one of the most obnoxious passengers I have ever seen. He was somewhat surly when awake, but he almost immediately put his seat all the way back in her lap and did not move for the entire seven […]


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I was on a flight from Dallas to San Jose, CA. The pilot had just turned off the fasten seatbelt sign, and the man in front of me tried to recline his seat. I say tried to, because I am six feet tall, sitting in a window seat, and there was no way he could […]


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This was truly my flight from Hell. I was working in Nashville looking to get home to San Diego after being gone for 2 weeks. First Leg: Nashville to Las Vegas, I did not do my normal Southwest flight but rather my admin set me on some other funky airline where they assign you seats. […]


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I was recently on a red eye flight across the U.S. – after a 2 hour delay we were finally airborne. I proceeded to recline my seat when the elderly man behind me starting throwing a child-like temper tantrum, hitting and kicking my seat complaining that he had no room. I decided to be the […]


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