Child Nervous About Security Check

February 13, 2014

in Airport Stories

This isn’t a horrific story like some of the others on here; it was more embarrassing really. It happened pre-9/11 and I was flying with my family from the east coast of Canada to Alberta. The flight there was fine; I passed with security no problem.

On the way back I was going through security at the airport in Alberta. I got pulled aside and told that my backpack had to be searched. I was about 11 at the time and a bit nervous, but they let my parents stand with me so it wasn’t so bad.

They emptied all of the pouches in my backpack. Being a young girl experiencing certain things for the first time, there were some items coming out that I was horribly embarrassed about, but the TSA agent was tactful about the whole thing.

They scanned my empty bag and stood there confused for a few minutes before once again riffling through my now empty bag. They even showed me the screen that displayed the scan of my bag, and it showed some sort of large rectangular object in my bag. They asked me if I knew what it was but I was equally baffled.

After some more riffling in my bag they decided it must be part of the structure that keeps the back of the bag rigid and let me go my merry way. I still have no idea what it was. Had this happened post-9/11 I don’t doubt they would have cut up my backpack.

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